Hoffman’s Blue Hole

Hoffman’s Cay Blue Hole

This blue hole, located in the southern Berry Islands, is about 600 feet wide and has a cliff that hangs 20 feet above the water. Those who jump into it from the cliff speak of an adrenaline rush as they venture into its mysterious depths.

Departure is in the morning, afternoon, depending on tides and your preference. The blue hole is inland on Hoffman’s Cay and after parkin the boat on a beautiful long beach we take a 5/10 min walk up a small path leading up to the blue hole. Get exited to jump from the cliff and have a swim around in its beautiful crystal clear waters.

For lunch we either make a reservation for you in a local restaurant called Flo’s, or you can bring take-out from the resort restaurant. Flo’s is a very rustic, isolated place with a set menu of conch fritters, fish, and salad, the view is absolutely amazing.  If you choose to take lunch with you with can set you up with some chairs on one of the secluded beaches in the area.

After lunch we go out to do an activity in the area,  the Berry Islands have lots to offer with all its beautiful small cays and reefs. We can paddle board in the beautiful shallow waters that are full of turtles and rays. Alternatively we can go snorkel or use a Nemo to explore the shallow reefs. The activities will depend on current weather conditions, but please let us know your preference!

Add-On VIP Experience

Do you want to add some extra luxury to your trip? For either the half day or full day trip you can add on our VIP experience. After our Blue Hole visit we set up a gazebo and beach chairs on a beautiful pristine beach and pamper you with champagne and cheese platter for you to enjoy. This gives you that little extra service and relaxation on a secluded beach with beautiful views. You can relax on the beach or in the crystal clear blue waters of the Berry Islands.