Our Services

If you’ve always wanted to experience the underwater world, get a scuba diving certification, or you just love being in the water, you’ve come to the perfect place! Located in a unique geological area within the Berry Islands, Chub Cay Divers offers unparalleled adventures for everyone. We can take you to enjoy the world beneath the waves, plan a day paddleboarding, or simply relax at the sandbar.


Dive the beautiful reefs and visit the wall


Explore the shallow reefs and the barge


Take a plunge to discover the Berry Island’s and Flo’s


Come paddle with us among the turtles


Relax or stroll along the low tide sandbar


Let us know how you’d like to spend the day and we’ll make it happen!

Additional Services

In addition to our amazing experiences listed above, we also offer Hobie Cat and Kite Surf rental equipment. Chub Cay is knows as one of the best spots in the world to experience and practice these activities. Chub Cay strategic location offers ideal conditions to practice or improve your riding skills with a steady, side-on-shore wind and flat, shallow water inside the reef. The spot is idea for beginners and experienced riders.

Chub Cay has variable wind conditions depending on the seasons with a predominantly strong north wind in winter months. During summer the wind is predominantly south east. Kite surfing is possible on both the south and north side of the island. Queen’s beach on the south side is a long beach towards the deep water ocean side. Whereas on the north side there are miles of shallow sand flats and generally calmer waters.

Contact us to secure your Hobie Cat or Kite Surf gear and let the fun begin?